Wood with no mess, Light weight, Endless Possibilities

750 gram / spool

56.9 USD

*excl. VAT 

Polymaker PolyWood is a wood mimic printing material that contains no actual wood ensuring a clean Jam-Free printing experience.

Wood with no mess :

All existing wood mimic 3D printing filaments are based on wood-polymer composites, i.e. blends of polymer and chopped wood powder. We used a completely different approach when designing PolyWood. Instead of using wood to mimic wood, we developed a unique foaming technology to deliver a material that mimics wood structurally. PolyWood is composed entirely of polymers. The Results? Excellent print quality without the risk of nozzle jams.


Light weight:

PolyWood is the first and so far the only 3D printable foam material. The density of PolyWood is on average 0.8 g/cm³ which is 35- 40% lighter than regular PLA, so only PolyWood can achieve that light weight nature of Natural Wood. This leads to many interesting properties and potential applications such as lightweight structures, membrane, damping devices, and with its post processing potential even watertight models.

Endless Possibilities:

Since PolyWood contains no actual wood, we can create any colour aesthetic we want. As it also contains a foamed structure, parts printed in PolyWood can achieve amazing surface finish that minimises the visual layering due to the nature of FFF/FDM technology. This has not been obtainable with any other printing material on the market to date. (Currently under development; Stay tuned for more updates.)


Material features:

  • Excellent wear and tear resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Elongation at break up to 660%
  • Good corrosion resistance to common industrial oils and chemicals
  • Superior layer bonding force

Available for:

  • Mankati E180


  • Parts require high impact strength rubber
  • Seal parts
  • Customized rectify insole
  • Rubber handle prototypes