Welcome to the Mankati Fullscale XT Plus

To get perfect prints, you may need to experiment and tinker at the beginning.
This User Manual will guide you to start your journey with the Mankati Fullscale XT Plus easily and quickly.

Forget your existing knowledge of other 3D printers, take the time to learn about your Mankati Fullscale XT Plus, it will show you a completely new experience.
Print your idea right from now on!




CAUTION: Make sure the power grounded, if not, may cause the accumulation of static-electricity so as to damage electronic system.

WARNING: Mankati Fullscale XT 3D Printer generates high temperatures and includes moving parts that can cause injury. Please Never Touch the nozzle, the heated aluminum block or the build plate after preheating or printing to avoid scalding.

CAUTION: Do not leave the printer attended for a long time during printing. If you have to do so, do follow these guidances:
• Ensure that the first layer of the print is properly land on the build plate.
• Ensure filament wound on the spool to keep feeding smoothly, in case of tangles.
• Monitor your print periodically.
CAUTION: The melt filament will emit the plastic odor during printing. Please keep ventilation in the work place.
CAUTION: In case of emergency disconnect power supply from wall socket.
CAUTION: Refit and modification privately may destroy the working and safty performance. So any refits and modifications not expressly approved by Mankati can void the right of warranty and safty gurantee.

COMPLIANCE: Your Mankati Fullscale XT Plus has been tested strictly by SGS with the permission of FCC, CE, IC, C-Tick and ROHS.
It complies with the rules and limits of EMC, MD and ROHS, to provide reasonable protection against harm to the human, from electromagnetic compatibility, mechanical structure and chemical component.
The users have the right to ask for the testing report with Mankati.