What are they saying

This printer is a powerful tool for serious inventors, students, and artists. It’s not a toy...
— Michael Campos
I must say we are very impressed with the Mankati XT Plus. From a machine which was advocated as an Ultimaker clone in many forums online in our opinion is now far better than the Ultimaker!
— Bonne Wilce
I have tried out the 20 micron maximum resolution to see how well it prints. Needless to say, printing at that resolution was time consuming, but it reached the level of detail I would only expect from a SLA printer.
— Guoheng Chui
Der beste 3D Drucker der am Markt in dieser Preisklasse zu haben ist. Seit 2015 neues verbessertes Modell.
(The best 3D printer in this price range on the market. A upgrade model in 2015 )
— Andreas