Chemical resistance, tough, easy to print

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Polymaker PolyLite PETG is a exceptional material which offers high impact and tensile strength, with high tansparency and bright color, in addition to high resistance to salts, acids and alkalis.

Due to its low shrinkage rate and high layer bonding force, print with PolyLite PETG is an reassuring experience, it is very durable and easy.


Material features:

  • High impact and tensile strength
  • Excellent layer bonding force
  • High transparency and bright color
  • Good resistant to salts, acids, alkalis
  • Low shrink rate and easy to print

Available for:

  • Mankati E180


  • Parts require oil resistance
  • Parts require UV-resistance
  • Parts require resistance to salts, acids and alkalis
  • Glass parts prototyping (post process with epoxy resin)
  • Daily usage
  • Applications require high impact strength