Acid and alkali resistant, Heat-resistant, UV-Resistance

600 gram / spool

69.99 USD

*excl. VAT 

mPP-GF is a polyolefin blends based material with great environmental adaptability, it has a superb acid and alkali resistance, uv resistance and heat resistance up to 138°C/280°F, all of these features make mPP-GF a excellent choice for outdoor applications.

Compared with the PLA/ABS and their derivative modified materials, mPP-GF has higher practicability, wide application range and excellent comprehensive performance, so that the FDM technology has a real sense of reality value. mPP-GF can be widely used in the fields of industrial engineering application, medical treatment, automobile modification, civil home, sports protection and so on.

In the meantime, its black matt finish gives a layerless vertical surface and lineless horizon surface, which makes mPP-GF a perfect material for prototyping enclosure and industrial parts. 

It is recommended to close the door and cover the lid in the printing process to ensure stable chamber temperature and enhance higher layer bonding force.

Material features:


  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • Heat-resistant up to 138°C/280°F
  • UV-Resistance
  • Smooth matt surface
  • Almost no water absorption, no moisture-proofing is required


  • It is recommended to annealing the parts after printing to gain in strength.
mPP-GF has great acid and alkali resistant performance

Insoluble in strong base

The raw material of mPP-GF is insoluble in 75°C/169℉ strong base. Comparing with PLA on the left.

Casting mould printed with mPP-GF and Mankati E180.png

Rolling over mould

Work in 80-100 °C acidic sanding to produce casting sand moulds.


  • End use parts
  • Outdoor application
  • High strength structural parts
  • Heat resisting application