Tough, transparent and heat resisitance

750 gram / spool

39.9 USD

*excl. VAT 

  • mPC-T is a high mechanical strength polycarbonate based material which offers twice tensile strength and twice bending strength of regular ABS material, it offers heat resistance up to 110℃/230℉ with high transparency, in addition to high resistance to warp and cracking, you can easily print with it reassuringly.

Material features:

  • Excellent machanical strength
  • Excellent machinability, easy to drill on the prints
  • Heat resistant up to 110℃/230℉
  • Easy for mechanical polishing with abrasive paper to achieve a smooth surface
  • Easy to paint
  • Good optical clarity


  • Functional parts
  • Heat resistant application
  • Transparent surface prototyping
  • Structure parts

It is recommended to close the door and cover the lid in the printing process to ensure stable chamber temperature and enhance higher layer bonding force.

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