Material capability means opportunities, Mankati mMaterials cover a wide range of applications, here discover the right materials for your needs.


mNylon 66

It is easy to print large objects with mNylon 66, it offers high tensile strength, super high layer bonding force gives much more design freedom, heat-resistant up to 150℃/302℉.

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mNylon 6

mNylon 6 is a material offers superb rigidity and heat resistant up to 180°C/356℉. It is ideal for general purpose high mechanical strength parts printing.

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mPP-GF is a polyolefin blends based material with great environmental adaptability, it has a superb acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance and uv resistance, in the meantime, a smooth matt surface.

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mPC-T is an advanced polycarbonate based material which offers excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance, mPC-S is a great choice for high end engineering application.

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mPC-S offers excellent impact strength and fracture toughness than regular PC materials, in addition to resistance to warp and cracking, you can easily print with it reassuringly.

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ABS is a widespread use material in numerous industries for its great mechanical property, it is ideal for functional prototypes and complex end use parts.

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mPLA is  a safe and environmental material for everyone, it is easy to print and always output high quality surface, both novice and advanced users like use this material to serve a wide range of applications.

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Polymaker PolyFlex is a semi-flexibility industrial rubber with superior layer bonding force, it offers great chemical resistance, ideal for industrial applications.

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