Tough, high print quality

1kg / spool

24.9 USD

*excl. VAT 

mABS is a formulated high performance 3D printing material, it offers excellent resistance to warping and guarantees high printing quality.

It is recommended to close the door and cover the lid in the printing process to ensure stable chamber temperature and enhance higher layer bonding force.

Material features:

  • Excellent machanical strength
  • Excellent machinability, easy to drill on the prints
  • Heat resistance up to 83℃
  • Easy electroplate or paint
  • Easy for mechanical polishing with abrasive paper to achieve a smooth surface
  • Soluble in acetone, easy to "weld" or polish parts by brushing or dipping full ABS pieces in acetone

Application case:

  • Functional prototypes
  • End use parts
  • Concepts model
  • Tools and toys

Instrument casing:

A instrument casing 3D printed with E180 & mABS, and polished with abrasive paper.

Print Samples: