Mankati E180

For high performance materials,
for end-use parts.

Mankati E180 3D printer is designed for professional applications, it provides everything needed for high performance engineering plastics printing, with the perfect usage experience for professionals and beginners both. 

Mankati E180 3D Printer

Mankati E360

Big size for big ideas

With a large build volume at 360*360*300mm, the Mankati E360 is a huge 3D printer built for heavy jobs, you can always expect high quality outputs from it.



Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Forget about SD card, you can now start your print job just sitting by the computer, via your local network wirelessly.

02 - Power Failure.png

Print Resuming

Don't worry about power failure, the device record the instantaneous state when it happened, you can always resume the print job after rebooting.


Materials Detection

Once the filament runs out or is broken, the optical sensor inside the print head will detect that and pause printing immediately.