Mankati's 3D printing education plan for Shanghai Experimental School

Now: world factory

China has been the “world factory” for some time. Nowadays, China is facing the problem of lacking driving force for innovation. To solve this, China has found and accepted the concept STEAM and Maker education.

Next: innovation engine

STEAM and Maker education is developing so fast along with popular topics such as the drone, robot and 3D printing. 3D printing is recognized as the most important element in innovative education by both educators and politicians. So, schools, especially middle schools, are trying to absorb 3D printing and STEAM education into the existing education system.


Mankati 3D Printing for Education

Mankati offers a whole new STEAM plan for school including 3D Printers, CAD software, class management software, slicing software, cluster management software, course content, classroom decoration service, training service and etc.


Good product and service

Mankati’s STEAM education plan is accepted by schools shortly after it is introduced in the market.

Shanghai Experimental School(SES) is Mankati’s first client. You can learn from the name of this school that it is different from other schools in Shanghai or even in China. SES is always trying things, and it has a very good reputation for it.

Mankati enjoys working with SES, and helped it to build a beautiful 3D Printing Maker Space.


Why spend money on decoration?

It is argued that a bright,beautiful, and comfortable environment can increase individuals’ willing and abilities to innovate. So you can see from the first picture of this article that all the decorations are deliberately designed and made.


Sharing is always a good choice

During the class, 3-4 students share 1 Mankati E180 3D Printer. It could be too luxurious to allocate one 3D Printer to just one student. Mankati believes 3-4 students sharing one 3D Printer is the best choice. It is cost saving for sure, and students still have enough opportunities and time to learn to use a 3D Printer. At the same time, students can learn to practice collaborating in this way, which is an additional benefit.


Help them, protect them

Teenagers are believed to be the most innovative crowd of people, they are always so eager to make a difference. But at the same time, they are careless and always hurt themselves.

Mankati is proud to say, E180 Printer will help young students to innovate, meanwhile, prevent them from getting hurt.

Mankati E180 owns a great printing capability and is capable of printing a series of materials besides PLA or ABS, such as TPU(flexible), PA(nylon), PC, mMatte(wood-like material) and etc. Students can creat and print what they want using a Mankati E180.

Mankati is designed sealed, so no student would get burned when touching extruder or iron moving parts by accident. And there will be no air pollution as well.