Mankati is supplying 3D Printing Nylon Materials Series Now!

Nylon is a kind of high-performance material that has been widely used in various kinds of industries, and it is especially popular in traditional manufacturing.

3D printing technology has been trying to make full use of nylon and exploit new applications as well. More and more engineers and manufacturers start to embrace 3D printing nylon materials and use it for 3D printing tools, functional prototypes, and end-use parts that require durability,  flexibility, low friction, corrosion resistance, etc.

Mankati is happy to officially announce that Mankati is supplying 3D printing nylon materials series, including mNylon 66, mNylon 66 Reinforced, and mNylon 12. And Mankati E180 3D Printer can work with all these nylon materials.


mNylon 66

 is available now!

mNylon 66.jpg

mNylon 66 owns a high tensile strength. Its super high layer bonding force allows much more design freedom. And its heat-resistant capability is remarkable, it can tolerate the temperature as high as 150℃/302℉. 

mNylon 66 can be applied to

1. make jigs & fixtures and other manufacturing aids that require good tensile and mechanical strength;

2. Test the functional performance of components like pedals, handles, bindings, gears, joints, bearings, fasteners and covers before investing in tooling;

3. low-volume production of high-requirement parts on industrial machinery.


mNylon 66 Reinforced  

will be available soon on October!

mNylon 66 Reinforced.jpg

mNylon 66 Reinforced is a composite nylon 66 material. It owns the similar features to mNylon66, but it offers superb rigidity and very lower moisture absorption. It is ideal for general purpose high mechanical strength parts printing.


mNylon 12  

will be available soon on October!

mNylon 12.jpg

mNylon 12 is a low moisture absorption nylon material. It is one of the toughest thermoplastics and it offers high impact resistance, high tenacity and high fatigue resistance.

mNylon 12 can be applied to

1. make parts that demand high fatigue endurance, such as repetitive snap fits and friction-fit inserts;

2. make durable R&D functional prototypes for snap-fit panels and impact-protective components.


Mankati mNylon series are designed to be high-performance and reliable. And it is very easy to print with Mankati E180 3D Printer.

Mankati 3D Printing Nylon Solution--Mankati E180 + mNylon, will get you a high-performance end-use part as easy as a fingersnap.