Stratasys+Mankati=Perfect FDM Matrix!

Mankati is based in Shanghai China. But Mankati 3D Printers are used in every corner of the world, because Mankati has some friends who can see the true value in our machines. Here is one of our best friend--HomeWorks3D.

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HomeWorks3D has been delivering excellent services in 3D HUBS for more than a year and achieved a full stars evaluation given by its customers. In terms of print quality, service, speed and communication, HomeWorks3D has all received perfect reviews.

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HomeWorks3D has 2 unique specialties--making manufacturing jigs & fixtures, and doing small volume production with LOWEST price. The core competencies of HomeWorks3D is shown in the  picture below.

FDM 3Dprinter matrix.jpg

HomeWorks3D works with 3D Parts Manufacturing to do FDM printing. To make sure that HomeWorks3D is able to print best quality parts with low price, HomeWorks3D purchased industrial 3D printer Stratasys FORTUS 400mc and Mankati E180.

FORTUS 400mc has two extruders, which means soluble support can be applied. And it has a larger build size. In the meanwhile, both FORTUS 400mc and Mankati E180 are able to work with high-performance materials such as nylon and PC to build tough, durable parts that are accurate, repeatable and stable over time. 

Since FORTUS 400mc is much more expensive than Mankati E180, the wise investment strategy, which HomeWorks3D adopted, would be the combination of one FORTUS 400mc and many Mankati E180 3D printers.

HomeWorks3D can count on Mankati E180 to cope with most of the customer orders. And many different tasks can be printed at the same time, since HomeWorks3D has many Mankati E180 3D printers. When soluble support and large size parts are needed, FORTUS 400mc is there to help. HomeWorks3D acquires a great agility relying on this investment strategy.


HomeWorks3D is always willing to help. Some of the customers are new in 3D printing, HomeWorks3D is patient and generous to share with them knowledge and experience, and has earned a good reputation for it.

                                 HomeWorks3D attending SkillsUSA with Mankati E180

                                 HomeWorks3D attending SkillsUSA with Mankati E180

And HomeWorks3D cares about students especially. It gives students 25% discount on 3D hubs. And it actively involves in educational programs, events and competitions that support career and technical education. 

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HomeWorks3D is located in Carmel, Indianapolis, Indiana. If you live in U.S, and you need 3D printing services or you want to purchase Mankati E180 3D printers, you can contact HomeWorks3D. you can find it on 3D HUBS: