Enjoy your creativity

No color limited
No size limited
Experience more fun

With it, enhance the joy in your life

Ourstanding high resolution printing effect
Help you to create more amazing works

Print your idea in reality

Up to 18 colors for your choice
Excellent performance

More possibilities

Support ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, Wood, Nylon and some other special materials
More choices to show your creativity vividly



Fullscale XT Videos

3D Printing Models

Print your own models


Printed with wood Filament

Cam Gear Device

Rotate the handle, the cam will push the pushrod moving


Made of non-toxic material, available for drinking actually

Cow Skull

A defective cow skull with the special artistic effect

Cat Food Bowl

Hello Kitty, do you like your new bowl

Gear Cube

Installed by each moving parts, nice toy for children

Gear Cube

A gear cube in parts

Cat Food Bowl

She looks like her new bowl very much :)


A group of little friends of your children


A robot behind the leaves


A robot walks on the road

Mini Tank

Hi Tank, are you stranding?

Flower bottle

Do you want to decorate your home with some DIY, unique and beautiful flower bottles?

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